Producing an ongoing community music, dance, and food festival.

  • $1M Budget: Managed an ongoing, large budget, series of events, spanning multiple government agencies, vendors, and volunteers.

  • Event Design: Designed site flow for optimal engagement, built stages, and managed event hardware vendors.

  • Talent Curation: Strategically chose talent and vendors to increase community engagement and and gradually increase event scale. 

  • Execution Management: Oversaw city permitting and managed event staff.

  • Sound Production: Provided sound and video for every event.

Scaling up San Francisco's legendary jazz festival.

  • Talent Management: Curated artists and provided stage orchestration.
  • Promotional Event Production: Produced outdoor and indoor parties to increase the scale of the festival, as well as draw a wider audience.
  • Sound Production: Provided complete sound production services including sound design, installation, and break down.

Producing a sales event for floating condos in Dubai.

  • Event Concept Development: To stand a part from typical real estate sales events, we decided to throw a catered roof top party with live DJs and visual presentations in order to keep the crowd engaged and stay true to the unique brand.
  • Sound Production & Music Curation: Provided appropriate sound equipment and DJ talent to create a vibe to keep people engaged without distracting from the sales activity.
  • Execution Management: Managed venue's event staff for a smooth event.

Scaling a single showcase into an ongoing festival of fashion, dance, and music spanning 10 years.

  • Event Concept Development: DAM Events came to us to help them grow their event, so we added additional performance elements and aided in media curation. 
  • Talent Curation: The CTA network feeds into DAM Events, giving opportunity to artists to develop and craft their skills for future professional careers. Talent and vendors are specifically curated to appeal to the target audience and are given the opportunity grow with each event as well.
  • Execution Management: Orchestrated day of staff and production of each event. 


Design & Sound Production: Responsible for designing, installing, and enabling staff to operate a custom sound system for this fresh co-working space in the heart of SF.